Serviced and Virtual offices / Legal Addresses

Serviced Offices is an effective and inexpensive tool for communicating with customers. Scot Holland assists in expanding your business without bearing the costs of personal office facilities.

It helps to create an image of a local or a more successful company, through the use of a business address, office facilities, phone numbers, processing serviced, professional support staff.

This is a good alternative for those who open a new company have a limited number of employees. In comparison with personal office, maintenance costs are much lower.


  • We register your company in the shortest possible time;
  • Provide an office within 10 days;
  • The minimum cost of maintaining the office;
  • The presence of your company in Kazakhstan;
  • Presence of the personal office facilities, conference rooms;
  • Your personal secretary assistance.

Who benefits from Serviced or Virtual office?

  • Who registers a company or cuts the office staff;
  • Foreign companies who are interested in tenders taking place in Kazakhstan, so you would not bear expenses for keeping fully operational office in Kazakhstan till you win the project;
  • Who is looking for a legal address for the registration of legal entity organization to comply with government regulations;
  • Who is looking for proper office address in business district area in order to improve the corporate image;
  • Who runs the pilot project or service;
  • Who wants to establish their presence in another country.
  • Who needs to have a postal address for receiving correspondence from government authorities.

Please get in touch with Scot Holland for more detailed consideration of your request. We will provide you optimal solution for your business.