Consulting Services

Scot Holland offers clients full in-house Consulting services covering the office, retail, industrial, entertainment, residential, hotel, and mixed-use segments of the real estate market. Continuously tracking the Kazakh market supply, demand, and absorption, our team is dedicated to providing the most accurate and current information, the importance of which cannot be understated at a pivotal time in market conditions.

Our Studies, including Highest and Best Use Analysis, Concept Development, and Project Feasibility, define the basic tendencies of the current market, forecasting future conditions, and relating them to specific proposed projects. The dynamics of supply, demand, vacancy rates, lease terms, building classification, location, and competition are among the items examined. The conclusions of such market studies clearly identify the pros and cons of a project for its intended functional purpose in the specific market.

Scot Holland consulting projects help reduce the risks of a project through research and planning before committing to it. They are based on our intimate market knowledge and unique corporate database consisting of thousands of commercial real estates objects, tenants, and investors.