Property managenent

As a member of the CBRE Affiliate Network, Scot Holland has been particularly successful taking over property management assignments from owners managing their own properties. The property receives constant care and attention from our qualified management, leasing, technical and operational professionals. The owners are then free to focus time on their own business and personal objectives as Scot Holland maximizes the value and return on their property investment.

Scot Holland manages the following projects in Kazakhstan: «Almaly» elite residential complex 42,000 sq m located in upper part of Almaty, NCOC residential projects 11, 000 sq m. in Astana, office of Bloomberg in Almaty and NCPOC facilities in Atyrau.

Scot Holland manages over 70,000 sq m of commercial and residential real estate in Kazakhstan.

Property Management services provided by Scot Holland include:

Tenant Relations Management:

  • Building Manager services
  • Reception services
  • Control of fulfillment of obligations under lease agreements, lease payments monitorin
  • Elaboration of Tenant’s Guide, manuals, etc.

Facilities management:

  • Maintenance of engineering systems and equipment in the building
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Cleaning and other housekeeping services
  • Ecological arrangements
  • Provision of liaison with Municipal Utility Agencies
  • Security services, etc.

Additional Services:

  • Consultancy during design, construction and state commissioning stages
  • Office planning
  • Technical audit
  • Insurance program, risk valuation
  • Catering and parking services, etc.

Why Scot Holland is the best partner leading the project to success?

  • Our team covers all issues of property and facilities management — technical, financial and marketing, ensuring maximum income while keeping maintenance costs as low as possible
  • We employ the state-of-the art technologies based on long-term experience in property management in Kazakhstan and abroad
  • We manage real estates for companies that place a high value on their name and their assets’ liquidity
  • Our lease administration program provides a comfortable and safe workplace for tenants; full occupancy and 100% rent collecting for the landlord
  • Accurate and timely financial information, transparent reporting enable the owner to control and manage operating expenses
  • Our team takes efforts to get deep understanding of your requirements and to offer services based on individual approach

CBRE worldwide has over 2,800 dedicated project managers looking after .6 billion worth of capital projects and new construction and a total of 50,000+ projects annually.

Professional property management increases the value of the property and allows our clients to concentrate on their main business.