Scot Holland is a proven leader in the local market in providing Agency Services. The Scot Holland Agency Team has successfully transacted more then hundred thousand square meters over the past 10 years. We act on behalf of building owners and landlords in the marketing, leasing and/or sales of their properties. Similarly, we represent tenants and buyers seeking to lease or purchase space, identifying the best properties that meet their specific needs and negotiating the transaction on their behalf.

Scot Holland negotiates many office, retail, and industrial transactions annually, including prime Class A properties, large business centers and smaller multi-tenant buildings, and single user build-to-suite facilities. Representing property owners and tenants, the firm provides services and advice tailored to each client’s unique requirements and individual real estate needs. Through our extensive expertise and active involvement we are able to bring real value to our clients by providing them with the most current and accurate analysis and information available in the market on which to base their decisions.

By engaging a Scot Holland professional to act on your behalf you are ensuring that your best interests are being represented throughout the transaction.

Additional value is brought to our agency clients via our integrated services, including asset management, project and facilities management, valuation, and customized market analysis for a wide-range of business enterprises.

We have the following Agencies:

  • Office Agency
  • Industrial Agency
  • Residential Agency
  • Retail Agency

The range of Agency Services include:

  • Tenant representation
  • Owner representation & property marketing
  • Corporate real estate services
  • Consulting services

In order to advise our clients on how to maximize the value of every property decision in the current market, Scot Holland has expanded its Agency Services into the following fields:

  • Reduction of real estate costs
  • Lease re-negotiation
  • Disposal of excess premises via sublease or assignment