Almaty, April 2021
A group of licensed appraisers from Scot Holland LLP, part of the CBRE Affiliate Network, have completed the evaluation for the current market value of several gas stations and land plots owned by Sinooil LLP, located in different regions across the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Limited Liability Partnership "Sinooil" is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the supply and sale of fuels and lubricants, with branches, gas stations and subsidiaries in many regions in addition to partners overseas.
The Scot Holland LLP team has repeatedly provided valuation services for Sinooil LLP, receiving consistently positive feedback on the high-quality of work performed. This productive and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of appraisal has been ongoing since 2018.
Determination of the market value was carried out in order to assist in the sale of the property being valued.

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