Almaty, December 2020
A group of licensed appraisers from Scot Holland LLP, part of the CBRE Affiliate Network, have completed the evaluation for the current market value of the property and the financial instrument for Kazzinc LLP.
Kazzinc Limited Liability Partnership, founded in 1997, is a large integrated zinc producer with a substantial share in the co-production of copper, precious metals and lead. The company's enterprises are located in the East Kazakhstan, Akmola and Karaganda regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The general investor is Glencore International AG.
The team of Scot Holland LLP has shown consistent professionalism, competence and reliability, having established itself as a bona fide partner in the field of appraisal and received very positive feedback on the work performed.
The current market value was determined for the purpose of accurate accounting in the financial statements.

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