We would like to share the Understanding European Technology Clusters report with you ahead of its launch. Please find the report attached for your reference.

In this report, we invite commercial real estate investors and technology companies to explore our insights into the location and character of tech hubs across Europe; to enhance understanding of the fundamental characteristics of tech clusters; and to identify future opportunities among high performing, and emerging, tech cities.

Please see below all relevant marketing information relating to the launch of the EMEA Tech report.

Launch and Distribution:

∙ The report will be launched on Monday 5th December at Tech Crunch London with a focus on the London data.
∙ The campaign will be sent to our key EMEA clients.
∙ If you wish to have a copy of the client email shared to your countries Campaign Logic account, please contact me.
∙ If you wish to send the report to any additional contacts, please send through your client list for us to de-duplicate against our own.


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